Monday, June 18, 2007

ancient secrets ?

Jewish secrets to wealth …uncovered !

I have been in the presence of many Jewish people over the years and,
through casual conversation and observation, have unearthed their
primary motivations and procedures that always result in financial

Follow these tenets and you, too, can be successful.

1. Covet NO one…easier said than done, but this allows you the freedom
of expression and life with ANYone…no intimidation because of the
other person's 'stature'.

2. Express gratitude…for everything …tough sometimes. Even in the
worst of situations, I have been amazed at the responses these folks
have. A disease ? just another stepping stone. A business deal gone
bad ? " Just a miracle we didn't do that !" and , obviously, the
'worry, worry" attitude of the Jewish MOM is always on the look out !

3. GET YOUR OWN…'whatever it takes"…sounds kinda stingy and heartless,
at first. But the belief is that G*D is busy , he has provided YOU
with everything you need to succeed in this world. It is ONLY through
your faith in yourself that He is able , and willing, to add to your
efforts. The universe is absolutely FULL of abundance, all you have
to do is to belly up to the banquet.

4. Family FIRST…as you know, most Jewish people are in a business of
some sort…jeweler, hardware store, insurance…whatever. Because they
covet no one, they are successfully dealing with the upper echelons in
society…most probably other Jewish businesses. Matter of fact, they
conscientiously make efforts to locate Jewish folks for whatever
product or service they are seeking. Their "family' includes all
Jewish people…so, they look out for each other in the majority of

5. What ever you do , do it with ENTHUSIASM ! Whether it is cooking, cleaning, making love , or sellling lawn and garden it wholeheartedly and without shame. Dont have to be a 'rah rah' cheerleading, attention grabbing clown...just be dedicated and persistent to finish the 'job' to everyone's satisfaction.

Employ these ideals in your life and business. They are good standards
to employ …and have certainly been used to develop a strong, unified
group of successful people.

These folks are a group to imitate , at least, in the business sense.
For additional information and to check out our 'group' and what we
are doing email me.